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A place to call my own

What am I doing here Gotta break free Gotta escape.. Its not that I’m not loved It isn’t that I’m unwelcomed. I just gotta go I gotta flea from here somehow… I have to find my voice, feel comfortable in my own unique space. A place to create A place to Write A place to …

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My Native blood is boiling….

How long and how much will it take before Animals have enough and retaliate? Planet of the Apes may just be a movie but its a movie with a message and warning that what we are doing thoughtlessly to this Planet needs to seriously stop. We have much to learn from Native Tribal People around the world about how to take care of this Earth, Its time we start listening and moving backwards to a simpler time, even if it’s only as far back as when we asked ourselves, We know we can do it, but should we… And when the answer was no, we stopped there and took it no further.

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Don’t go, please don’t go, Thoughts

My mind is racing again…
Can’t slow it down.
My thoughts are climbing & clamouring like children begging for attention.
One at a time PLEASE!

Me, Me, Me

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Is One the Loneliest Number? Starting a Second Blog

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
Blogging is addictive — “I’ll take a minute to finish this post” hurtles down the slippery slope past “I’ll skim the Reader for an hour ” before skidding to a halt in front of “I’ll spend two hours commenting, preview 47 themes, start four drafts, and stumble to bed at 2am.” Compounding…

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An unexpected Friend returns

An old friend came to visit me yesterday; Poetry.
She was every bit as beautiful and sensitive to my feelings as I remember her.

Oh wow, has long has it been now?

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Productivity and an inability to edit.

Originally posted on Matt Thomas – I'd not take him too seriously, he doesn't.:
? Am I a productive writer? No, sadly I’m not. Hell, I’m not even sure if I am a writer. If you ask me to categorize myself I’d say I’m a charlatan with a one dimensional imagination. Okay, even I don’t…

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Oozing with Talent, stifled by anxiety

I have talent, skills and gifts oozing out of me like a warm tube of uncapped toothpaste.  I write, I created a board game, a clothing line and new design for hospital gowns. I have comedic talents, I am a teacher, a Speaker, a storyteller. I have a wild and very active imagination. I have …

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