Productivity and an inability to edit.

OMg Matt, I thought I was reading about me there. I SO relate to the whole thing. Ideas will flood over me like a sudden rainstorm, the minute I put my fingers on the keyboard or a writing instrument in my hand it all comes to a dead stop. And the craziest oddeest things will create a play in my head and I’m lost in it but writing out my best ideas has yet to happen. And once I play them out in my head most the details leave me in a matter of minutes . Uhgg, it drives me insane. I feel like I have the attention span of a gnat. You are not alone. But you will make it… You will find a way, if you have to hire a minion to do the stenography of your playworld. Don’t give up Man. I’m counting on & believing in you!

Matt Thomas - I'd not take him too seriously, he doesn't.


Am I a productive writer? No, sadly I’m not. Hell, I’m not even sure if I am a writer. If you ask me to categorize myself I’d say I’m a charlatan with a one dimensional imagination.

Okay, even I don’t truly believe that but I get incredibly frustrated at my inability to get down the ideas that whiz around my head daily. Part of my problem is I expect, no, I demand flawless perfection without the need for drafting, editing or proof reading. I know this is beyond me and most likely beyond most writers but it doesn’t stop the demands. I can’t find an editing happy-medium and the thought of doing so thought fills me with Dredd. The reason is simple. I never, ever stop thinking. Okay, those that know me well know this to be the truth but those older friends or on the outside most likely think I’m talking s**t.

A friend of mine said…

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