An unexpected Friend returns

An old friend came to visit me yesterday; Poetry.
She was every bit as beautiful and sensitive to my feelings as I remember her.

Oh wow, has long has it been now?
Eleven years already?!  My goodness.
Well its good to see you and so unexpected, I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.
But then true friends are like that right….
It could be years, even a decade or so can go by and one day they come back and its like you two were never apart.

I missed you.
I was right here waiting for the right time to show myself again. I hope I did good.
You did great.

I know why you are here? Why now.
Well don’t keep me in suspense….
Why have I climbed out now?

A gentleman, he’s kind and gentle.
He writes, I think he is in Love with you and you came out
of that. I’ve been reading his writings, admiring his mistress he proudly speaks of, that’s you, Poetry.
I have picked up on his desire for you
And you showed up in me.
But I don’t mind, you have always brought me such great joy & beauty
It is a joy to entertain you.
Thank you for returning. 

You are quite welcome.
You are always welcome.
Yes, I know that but I am not always needed and that’s okay.
That is not true, you’re beauty is always required.

Understand, there is more beauty in the world than just simple ol’ me, Poetry.
And I think as a writer you should explore all of what’s out there.

I understand.
Do you?
Yes, if I can leave myself open to all the other possibilities, it can only add to your beauty, not diminish or dim it in any way.
So, you do understand.
How long will you stay?
I don’t know. I never know.
Fair enough.
But I am sure I shall look in on you again… I like our time tgether and you always flatter me so.
🙂 Thank you… It’s always so nice to entertain a good Friend.

I have picked up on his writing style. Yes, I noticed that.
What happened to mine?
It’s there, but remember so are your other sides too… They cannot just depart from you. You said it yourself,
I am here because you sensed me through this gentleman who expressed himself through me.
I think your Poetry style may return at a later date. 
I think you are right.
Nothing wrong with it, so long as you are honest about it.
Plus it is only his stylings not his words.

This is true.  


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