Don’t go, please don’t go, Thoughts

My mind is racing again…
Can’t slow it down.
My thoughts are climbing & clamouring like children begging for attention.
One at a time PLEASE!

Me, Me, Me
Me first.
No Me
Pick me
What about you, the one in the corner?

No, thats okay let everyone else go first, I dont think I’m ready Ican wait, thank you.

Me, pick me!
You are so pushy, give someone else a chance.

Unable to be heard above the din of their excitement & desire to tell me about their day sit in my mental space like a child on a parents lap they all speak at once.

There is always one louder than the others & they begin to shy away one at a time, as if unloved & ignored.
I cant get them to come back.

Wait, I want to hear what you have to say.

No, thats okay I’ll find something else to do or somewhere else to go.

Not me, I’m going to sit over here in the corner and keep my brother Greatness company for a little while.

Excuse Me, I’m talking to you… can you not ignore Me… they said they could wait. I dont wanna wait… Its my turn!

Hold on, just wait one moment. Come on thoughts dont go away, I really do wanna hear what you have to say. Come back!

Sorry, we’re outta here!

Don’t be that way, there are so many of you and you are all just as important & loved as the other but I can’t answer you all at once. Don’t be mad, don’t go away hurt… I love you all.

[Oh why do I have so many Thoughts at one time?  Why must they bombard me like this all the time. And they never want my attention when I’m vegitating… its always when I’m doing something and havent got a free hand to take it but once I just drop what I’m doing to listen & take notes, here come the rest of them crawling all over me expecting the same time & attention simultaneously.  Breaks my heart when they fade & hideaway. What am I supposed to do?]

Don’t go, please don’t go, Thoughts…I want to hear what each of you has to say. I want to mark it them all down so I don’t forget & share them like report cards of jobs well done. Please, don’t go!


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