My Native blood is boiling….

Have you ever been so upset about something that you can’t even get the words out? Offshore Wind Turbines is what I’m upset about. Ever hear the expression, Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. This is one of those could but shouldn’ts. It is bad enough we cut down forest, build on mountain sides, build anywhere and everywhere there is a cubit foot of land to build on it seems sometimes.. I understand the need for Energy efficiency and clean air energy, I do. But while land animals are used to walking around trees,  Sea Life is not. 

Now I might sound ignorant or ill educated on this matter to some, perhaps to all, but putting these poles in the ocean where Sea Life now have to navigate & dodge these metal trees seems cruel to me. Trees don’t grow in the ocean. This is natural swimming grounds. How would you like to jump in a pool with steel columns placed here and there? You wouldn’t swim in that pool would you?

Its going to upset the ecology and marine life in ways people just don’t consider. Now I don’t know if the turbine blades are above sea level in all Offshore Wind Farms  but it doesn’t really matter now does it for flying fish, sting rays, dolphins, sharks, whales, all those amazing amazing beautiful Creatures that like to jump and play & come up for air, that we ourselves love to delight in their grateful Life. That’s what it looks like doesn’t it, when they come up out of then Ocean blue and dance in the air as if to say thank you God for the freedom and beauty to be what I am? 

But it does matter if the blades are under water as well, for won’t fish and mammals of the Sea get sliced, diced, and caught up at the base?  I just see so much that could go wrong or just isn’t right, and at what cost do we burn clean energy if we are destroying yet another natural habitat?  It makes no sense to me.

Already Wild Life comes down into the towns around the mountain bases to scourage & scrounge for garbage treats to fill their bellies and look for shelter as we build for million dollar views, priceless to our evicted four legged friends and winged creatures with treetops gapping,  mudslides widening.  Now we’re going to have countless Marine Life concussions to account for and carcasses in droves floating ashore and/or sinking to the Ocean’s floor. Is there a doctor in the Sea?  Come now this isn’t a Dr. Doolittle movie. This is real: We’re messing with nature and you now how Mother can be.

How long and how much will it take before Animals  have enough and retaliate?  Planet of the Apes may just be a movie but its a movie with a message and warning that what we are doing thoughtlessly to this Planet needs to seriously stop. We have much to learn from Native Tribal People around the world about how to take care of this Earth, Its time we start listening and moving backwards to a simpler time, even if it’s only as far back as when we asked ourselves, We know we can do it, but should we… And when the answer was no, we stopped there and took it no further.

We had a conscience once. Some still do but many of us unaware what what is happening around us. Age of information, eh?  I don’t know I personally think I was more aware of what was happening in our world 20, 30 years ago, more so than now. However a post on Facebook brought this to my attention and I all but lost it as they claimed victory at this technology planted off the coast of Massachusetts. But I know I’ve seen them in the waters somewhere else but it didn’t quite register. 

Perhaps the word Victory sounded off an alarm bell for to me victory spells defeat to another party. In this case, our finned, tentacled, shelled brothers & sisters. Think people think beyond human needs. Think of Our precious Wild Life, please!


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