It’s funny how the mind works, isn’t it?

Isn’t it just the way sometimes you are ready to create something wonderful and it all comes to a screaching halt when all of a sudden someone with a pissy attitude walks into your space and gaseous contaminated fumes are choking you and the smog of their discontent is so thick you can’t see the door to run?

This maybe as far as I get today. But certainly not what I had in mind. Although, I don’t know that the blog I had in mind was going to be anymore genuis than this display of infectious dismay.

Oh how I wish I was not SO susceptible to other people’s moods and internal self turmoil. Now I know why so many creative type people live on their own away from others or go into seclusion.

My day got sidewinded when I checked my phone & evil emails which sucked up the time I wanted to go walking, by time I got around to picking out clothes for the day, I discovered I was out of clean fitting chones (how did that happen, I wonder). I was able to find some buried in my underbed storage. Still I kept a fun mood. I learned my nephew would be coming for a visit.

He has a severe mental illness and when he’s fine he’s fine when he’s not, Dear God, everyone is on alert. But a family member fussed & cussed and pushed him out of the door of their home and now we can’t find him { we are however 90 miles from anywhere he was last seen this morning }. He self medicates, which adds to the mental problems and no doubt a large contributing cause. I’m not saying he was “medicated’ this morning when he showed up there but th efact that he does, that member with his own anxieties was advised by the police to not let him come to the house at all or help him in anyway [because we all know how successful law enforcement has been in handling the Mentally Ill (Half of Police Shootings Involve People with Mental Illness. Look it up on the internet. I was going to point one fellow out but as I pulled up deaths of mentally ill by police I read 500 mentally ill people die at the hands of police per year. stating, “No one seems to care”.)

I don’t believe that’s true. Our system is so screwy our hands are tied. First you have HIPPA laws preventing family from getting the information we need to help our loved ones. Then you have law enforcement that have NOT been properly trained in dealing with mentally ill individuals. And then you have those rogue Officers that think Mentally Ill people are easy targets for shooting practice and punching bags. If that’s not enough, they are not generally covered by any decent insurance to get them the help they need, Government Medical Programs are awful, let’s face it. Then of course there’s the issue of your crazy relative thinking they aren’t mentally unstable, because one, who wants to face that fact & two, they get better on meds when forced to take them due to a forced lock up; jail or psychiatric, but don’t realize or wish to face that it is the meds that got them level. Still some choose not to take medication because of the side effects.

Now when you are out of it mentally you aren’t aware of much. When you come too and you feel croggy or lethargic no sane person wants to feel like that 24/7 so crazy becomes their comfortable norm. Hmm,well I certainly didn’t expect this to become a blog about the injustices of the Mental Health Epidemic.And for all my brillance that no one ever heeds, I have no answers at all to this Mental Health Plaque. I pray my nephew is okay. Unfortunately it is all I can do for him right now.

Back to my regular irregular blogging…

Still I was home alone, restructuring my plans for the day and still I was ready to rock ‘n roll til Mr. Crabby pants returned to the scene and his emitting pissiness is permeating into everything. Ick!

I can do all the energy blocking tricks the world has to offer but nothing ever prepares me for warding off the negative vibes of someone Bound & Determined to be in a nasty mood. I don’t think I have to move to the place were hermits dwell but a place of my own to create & flourish isn’t too much to hope for, is it?

He retreated to a closed corner of the house and returned a short while later in better Spirits. I guess his mood was annoying him too. 😉

We take this as a sign that if you can’t stand your own craziness, you aren’t as crazy you you might think and if you can’t see it you have crossed that threshold and Lord help you and your Loved Ones.


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  1. From the Author (me) I apologize for the length of bold. While typing it didn’t show it was adding its own personality. I’m not crazy, I just play one on t.v. We are on t.v. right?

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