What’s the joke, It isn’t easy being a Pimp these days? { expanded }

It isn’t easy being a Pimp these days, try being me right now. My google keyboard and external keeps failing. that is as far as I was able to type. I think it was due to an update. I went thru the tablet and deleted a few apps then uninstalled the google update and now she is typing like a good little tablet.

Besides the wacky keyboard issue, hell showed up in my body yesterday and doesn’t seem to wanna leave. Yesterday I spent a short amount of time on my workshop Accepting the Love You Deserve. This morning I clowned around with my blog sites and scared myself. I feel kinda stupid about it now but I can laugh at myself, so we’ll call it a learning experience.

So yesterday I was ready to head to Staples and buy some much needed ink for my printer to print up my workshop. But the phone company sent me a nice little message that felt slightly mobbish, “Make a payment in the next 24 hours or we’re shutting you down”. Well I need my phone so I made arrangements to pay them in 48 hours , but here’s the clincher, I promised an amount I wont have because I was having brain hiccup. I had that number in my head for the ink, trying to remember what the ink thingies run and when I called the phone company that number was sitting on my frontal lobe like a kid tangling their feet over in the wading waters and it didn’t dawn on me til after the fact.

It actually didn’t occur to me til I was trying to figure out if I should just let it go and pay for the domain on one of my other blogs so I can do the wordads for revenue. Or should I buy supplies to rebuild the board game I created? But my accounts are password linked to my phone so I have to pay it. It may not be as troubling or difficult as choosing between buying groceries or paying the whole rent amount but it is cause I have a truck load of cash in a very limited amount of time to come up with. Aren’t we all?

I don’t mean to bitch or imply I have it harder than anyone else. I know very well that’s not true. I’m just trying to find the way out of this mess I’m in. One would think that someone with my talents, skills, creative and Intuitive nature I would have no problem making a living, getting a job or bringing money in from all directions. But that just hasn’t been the case, which makes me get down on myself and all this pressure paralyze me.

Probably doesn’t sound like anyone that knows anything about accepting the love they deserve, does it? I assure you its not like that. I very well know my worth & what I bring to the table. My problem lies in all the things that get piled on me and the physical issues I’ve been having this year. And I have got to live in the Cheapest Minded town in America. Honestly, I have never seen anything like it.

So here I am trying to decide what to do with my nominal amount of money. Pay half a bill or take a chance and invest in a domain that could then create a cash flow? Or buy the ink cartridges and promote the hell out of my workshops? And how do I that without my phone? How they going to call me? I know the board game is going to take a little more than the redesign. That’s going to require patent lawyers and whatnot. I really don’t understand why the ink cost more than the printers.

Of course add to that a half brain dead ( I say that with all the love in the Universe) kid that needs constant direction of what to do and how to do it and Chief Running Things constantly asking me what I’m doing while I’m writing (typing) when I get to write anymore. We have had a houseful of couch potatoes and unless I stay up all night to write which I can’t do often, I haven’t had much opportunity in the last two weeks. But I’m under the weather today and taking a forced break. It isn’t going to feel like one tomorrow or the next day though.

So if this is what it’s like being a pimp, no it certainly is not easy. LOL. Laugh at yourself, laugh often and laugh hard & loud… Or how else are you going to make it through Life in one piece, without blowing your own brains to smithereens.


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