Oopsa Bloggsy

I haven’t lost my mind or have I?

My keyboard on the tablet is acting up so I took to writing that last blog How far down does that cliff go? on my phone but somewhere it took a change in direction & I forgot which blogsite I was in. [Meant for thatsjustdandilion]

Did you know it wasn’t there?

For some reason I only have two of my blog sites on the phone, so if you’re confused… It was mine.

And did you know it doesnt transfer to devices. If you write it in drafts on your tablet it wont transfer to your phone or from your phone to your tablet? 

I sure didn’t.

What seems to be the Problem here?

I’ll have to do some investigative research & fix that if its in the settings. If its the app its self then its entirely possible that will happen again…just so ya know.

Even though they say never apologize… I offer mine. My apologies… You are likely to read this where it was intended to go in the first…second place. The first place was supposed to be here til I took a sharp turn, then had a blackout & mild amnesia forgetting where I was. 


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