Reading your Posts…

I have been reading and following the posted blogs and I swear I wish there was more time in a day to read them all. You are all such great writer’s. I hope I deliver with the same excellence and intrigue. Some have me floored. So much feeling & depth expressed. It’s amazing and you are all wonderful.

If any of you are wondering if what you write is touching anyone, the answer is YES!!!!!

Thank you and keep going. 😉




  1. You’re right. Sometimes we think no one is reading, but that’s not the case. We read all we can, but don’t always express when something truly affects us.

    • You commented on Private Struggles. I cannot see the comment for some reason on my devices. I am glad you like it, so did I that is why I reblogged it. It is not mine. It is by one of those wonderful writers that is following me as well. When I can get full view, I will pass the message on that you liked his work and give you his wordpress handle. Thank you Amanda. 🙂

      • Thanks! Yeah, I have trouble with the app, too. it’s convenient for posting, as most of my writing is done on my mobile device and I can just copy and paste. I love writing on paper, but the task of transcribing gets tedious and I don’t always have a journal on me. I adore knowing I’m not just speaking to myself.

      • I agree. I wrote from my heart & going thru so much it feels good to know Someone is listening. Most the time at home I feel like I’m talking to myself. I joke Hello hello, is this mic on? Thank you for taking the time to read my blog/s. 🙂

      • Hi Amanda, I moved over to

    • Your last comment is still coming up Unable to retrieve. Can you resubmit it

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