Telling the Truth has its pitfalls

Have I already spoke on this, I dont remember, but its true. Sometimes writers write about things no one wants told. Sometimes we write things other people feel is their place to out you. This is my case & why my most needed blog had to be put to sleep.

I hate that I had to do it but it was necessary in my current situation. I really don’t understand why someone else had to make my story known where it was not told.

People are so vindictive & hurtful. They have no idea the trouble they caused me by doing so or maybe they do & thats why they did it.

This was my story, my struggle, my way of dealing with the pressures and instead of seeing that, they ran & twisted it to sound like I was telling the other person’s story, that I blasted their name everywhere.

My name isnt even publicized; to do so would link me to them. But in sharing thru a certain media made this person think it was public domain to put me in the line of fire while they stood back in a dark corner & lit the match.

With what was left of my Life is up in flames because they were familar enough to know who I & my characters are.

To my supportive Readers of that blog, my apologies for shutting it down. It makes me sick to have to do it & even sicker that someone felt the need to hurt me like that.

Thank you to you who felt your Life so unfilled you had to screw with mine.


And next time put my moccasins on first before you do me ugly. 


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