Somewhere is better than nowhere

Up early to greet the day, rummaging through boxes & searching for what isnt here. But I know that now, just  have to get to it all before its ruined & salvageable.  I’m affraid to even go to my dad’s for my things with the rain we had. I have lost so many of my designs for same reason. I had them in storage but had to move it back.

The computer is acting up & wouldnt recognize my flash drive so second stall but I tried. I wasnt going to push myself that hard today. I was up most the night & up what seemed like moments after going to sleep & wqs awke again.

My day didnt amount to much… I did write my first food blog. Well everyone else seems to be doing it. I thought I might see if I’m any good at it…

Chief Running Things didnt return. I knew he wouldn’t.  And one day already without my blog was missed. I missed it… I felt incomplete & innerwardly defeated. I didnt get to write how I was attacked for doing the right thing & viciously referred to as a hero.

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment and I have to take along my nephew. I dont know how thats going to work out or if I’ll even make it.

But I feel a brokenness in my family & in my heart. I am sad & very tired goodnighnight.  Thank you for reading.


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