Oh no, please don’t disappear!

Recently I closed down one of my sites & went private with the others, just for a short time.  I’ll open them back up but Me & D @ thatsjustdandilion.WordPress.com is closed for good…

I dont wish to be arrogant,  thays not where this is coming from… We make impressions on people; what we say, do & our courage, just being there as well as not being there, retreating, &  right now I am feeling bad… I went to find one of my fellow bloggers and he too has closed his site down or removed his content.
If you are still reading this blog my friend, send me a message. I wanted to let you know where you could find me. I really enjoy reading your blogs. They are more than that to me because they are more than words to you.

If you are out there O.man dont hide because someone else didnt have the courage. You are a great writer & an asset to healing for so many.
I read your Readership #. Thats alot of people you are helping.

I didnt give up I just moved corners. And since I only have a handful of readers, I was going let you know where you can find me without blasting to those that mean me harm.

I deleted all of that content & I cant begin to tell you how much I regret doing it. My own depression & wrong thoughts often get the better of me as well. I joke. I make light of my own feelings. I laugh when I wanna cry. I bitch & complain about everything around me because I feel helpless to change the external situations around me & I tell myself if I can fix or do for others than I’ll have no problems of my own, other than money & I am always trying to find away around that problem but lack the confidence to put myself out there, expect during Superwoman moments when I think I can do ANYTHING.  Also known in the psyche world as Manic. My cape magically appears I feel super human or filled with God and think I can do anything but it never last long enough to actually get where I’m trying to go.

But there are folks in my world that dont understand that or dont want to admit their own battle with it that makes me a threat to them & they lash out and two that I know of straight up hack into my accounts.

I cant even figure out how to change the fonts on my blog page & people are peering into my Life to see what I’m doing. “Duh, I’m sharing my experience with people that can admit there is one and face it with dignity & trying to figure out how to change the font. Why dont you use your computer skills to help me with that?”

I havent time in my Life to focus or talk about people that have made it clear they dont want me in their lives. News flash, I dont want you (them) in mine. I’m going places, amazing places and I’m not travelling the paved road to get there, so its bumpy, its challenging, its taking little longer than some people might be comfortable with.

Sometimes I’m not comfortable with it but that has a lot to do with the pressure I feel from others to get there already.

Dont veer off your path whether it be paved or whether you blaze or own road. The world needs you & your experience.

Much Love,
Darling Angel


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