I did it!

I got my website up. I launched workitoutlifeservices.com and it feels incredible!  Work It Out Life Services is my baby. She’s been with me since way back when I was doing Massage Therapy. It was a name I knew I could use doing so many other great things.

I have dreamt of this website for a long long time. But the time it wasnt up doesnt matter cause it is up now. Thank you Robin Williams & C for helping me.

It didnt get up & running where I expected it too. I had some technical difficulties but I dont care. Its mine now, its up & running to help people and beyond that I’ll make it work. 

For those of you that have been following the Struggling Genius this is my biggest breakthrough. I have my game coming in time but if I die in my sleep & my cousin keeps the site going I will die satisfied I did that much to save the next 24 old from meeting my niece’s fate.

But I dont think God will do that. I think He has plans for me. 🙂


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