Moving right along….

Where I’m moving along to remains to be seen but I’m moving on my ideas… Can’t say its a business just yet. When the money starts trickling then flowing we’ll call it a business. Right now I am happy that I have found a home at where I can reach out to folks & let them know they matter & they are not alone.

So far I have created two new pages on my Facebook account. I didnt know you could do that. I was wondering how I was going to manage 2 more accounts. I am spread out quite a bit , more than some professionals think is necessary.

I think so long as I can manage them I am okay. I have noticed a change in my own sense of hope since I revamped my site. I tried in my technological challenged mind to dot com my site but I did it from the wrong place.. Word Press was very nice about it refunding me. I will be making a better attempt at it when I have someone else that knows what I’m trying to accomplish at my side to guide me.

Anyways I am working to launch some workshops & get those books to print. I have found an amazing artist to lend me, sort of speak, the artwork for the cover of my books. She will be paid. Its a licensi g thing. I have already chosen the art piece for Accepting the Love You Deserve workbook. And will likely be comissioning the art for 12 Daily Choices for My Personal Freedom workbook & posters.

Soon I will be starting either a Kickstarter campaign or an Art Fueled Living campaign. Either way, I am going to keep going to make a difference. This is just the start. 😉 I will keep you posted & hope that I can count your support in any amount to launch the books, posters & workshops.

Oh the game I create. I havent forgotten it. Its there & we will be getting to it soon. First the bills then the time takers. Getting a game board out there does take time. All in good time. I look forwatd to your support & follow along on that journey as well.

Much Love & have a Rockin’ Great Weekend!


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